The Fendt 1000 Vario. German Meisterwerk.


The Fendt 1050 Vario, with its 500 hp, is the top model of the Fendt 1000 Vario series.  This tractor is the most powerful standard tractor in the world. In this way, Fendt is expanding his offer, producing tractors from 75 hp to 500 hp.


The Fendt 1000 Vario is a standard tractor, which, like all Fendt series, is distinguished by ease of operation and simple handling. It has a maximum height of 3.60 metres and an unladen weight of 14 tonnes. Compared to conventional design concepts in the 500 hp power class, it is considerably lighter, more manoeuvrable and has better visibility, which makes it clearly more versatile. The tractor is allowed to be loaded to a maximum weight of 21 tons.


The Fendt 1000 Vario is designed for a wide range of applications: despite being developed for heavy-duty field work, it is absolutely roadworthy, with a top speed of up to 60 km/h. 


Thanks to newly developed, large tyres (diameter at rear up to 2.35 metres) and flexible ballasting, the high-performance draft tractor is highly efficient in putting power to the ground. Together with the integral tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip, this enables a significant increase in pulling power. 


As this tractor is from Fendt, it is obvious that the 1000 series will include everything the bavarian manufacturer has: The time-tested, stepless Vario transmission has been further developed to the transmission-rear axle module TA 400 (transaxle) for an output of up to 500 hp. It has hydrostatic-mechanical power-splitting and is marked by extreme profitability, maximum efficiency, long lifetime and reliability.

The rear PTO, which features a direct drive from the engine through to the PTO gearbox, has outstanding efficiency. The tractor-management system TMS, with automatic maximum output control 2.0, automatically controls the ground speed and engine speed dependent on load. It also includes the award-winning, fully integrated Fendt Variotronic.


The new Fendt 1000 features high-capacity hydraulics with two highly efficient hydraulic circuits.


The well-known x5 cab from the Fendt 800 Vario – 900 Vario series has been completely redesigned and, as the x5 S cab, now offers considerably more working comfort and improved climate control.


The new Fendt high-horsepower tractor (400-500 hp) will be available from dealers in the fourth quarter of 2015. There will be sold 2500 tractors per year, half of them are destinated to the American market. 


Engine: 12.4 litre six-cylinder engine of MAN, according to legal regulations emissions Stage 4 / Tier 4 Final


Models / hp:

1038 /380 hp,

1042 /420 hp,

1046 /460 hp,

1050 /500 hp

Transmission: Vario (hydrostatic-mechanical power-splitting )

Gauge: 3350 mm

Weight: 14 tons (unloaden), maximum 21 tons

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  • Phone: +40 256 49 43 50
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